Product inventions for Lonestar Windmills: Fully original Metal Windmill designs. 

This was the first real product I have ever invented that is actively being produced and readily available for purchase. I am very happy to see something I created benefit myself and a growing company. Currently, there are two products I have invented (8 Foot Metal Windmill & 11 Foot Metal Windmill) manufactured by Lonestar Windmills and sold through various platforms such as Amazon, company website, and various retail distributers across Texas. I have two more sizes in the works: 15 Foot & 20 Foot. Each piece of the windmill was precisely designed for an easy-to-assemble product. The product pieces are compressed into very small packages, which saves shipping costs while allowing customers to receive their purchase in a small, easy to handle box. This realm has been a great experience, as I have invented the products themselves, created packaging labels for the products, designed advertisement flyers, created brochures, designed instruction manuals, and even directed assembly videos for the website. Needless to say, this has been my favorite project to work on, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to create an entire product line from scratch.
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