American Homesteads​​​​​​​
Coffee table style photo book laying out the history of Homesteads in America through use of original photography, illustrations, and typography. 
This project was special to me because all of the photography from the book was captured at the land of my childhood home. The old farm equipment and cattle were found on the land, and the windmills were especially featured because they have a prominent place in homestead history, as well as the history of my family. My father started a business involved in the manufacture of rustic windmills about 20 years ago, so I have always been around them. Also, there is an original homestead farmhouse that was built and maintained on the land 100 years ago by family of generations past. The house was recently renovated, and the book will permanently lay there as a reminder of the history of homesteads, and the longing impact of the land itself.


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